Is moving to Self-Hosted WordPress Blog worth It?

For every sort of website owners, WordPress is a great platform to begin with. For people who are more focused towards contents and less oriented to earning money from it are the ones opting for WordPress hosting. However, there are two types of WordPress hosting if you didn’t know; they are namely called the self-hosted blog and free blog. comes for free while is the self-hosted blog. There are certain specialties with both the subscriptions, intended for different type of people. No wonder WordPress had a humongous figure of 23 billion page views on the year 2010; all because of the convenience they provide.

Migration to from

Plenty of premium features are available on; but they are limited to certain restrictions especially if you don’t pay them $13 for a personalized domain or $29.97 for removal of ads. In such case your website is honestly going to look kind of ugly and you shouldn’t be expecting to earn revenue off of it as well. In case you want to get your hands on the full range of premium themes and styles, do CSS programming to modify better etc., you should be moving the self-hosted WordPress blog software.

But most users do the kick start with the free and when they want to switch to software later, it seems a daunting task. Especially if the website has ton loads of contents, the task might just get on nerves to complete. Is the leap really worth taking?

The Migration is Worth it, because…

  • Creative Visuals: On the self-hosted platform, every user gets more preference to show off their creativity even more through stunning website designs. Almost all premium themes and styles are available on If you are into website programming then the self-hosted platform provides you the best opportunities to write down the codes. The free provides a lot but if you want precisely what you exactly want then is for you.
  • Ad revenue: Free WordPress hosting doesn’t allow the users to sell their own ads until the page reaches a monthly page view of 25k. For the self-hosted platform there aren’t any such restrictions so you can actually flawlessly make your living off a website.
  • Plugins you needs: com is extremely limited to the predefined plugins or maybe even no plugins at all. At, you get to install all the available plugins on the WordPress collection. Plugins for social media interaction, viewer stats, anti-spam etc. are some most popular plugins being used; all are available on

Post-Migration Checklist

There aren’t really much to do after you are done with the migration to self-hosted software platform. However, make sure you redirect your old WordPress blog link to the new platform; the service is called Site Redirect Upgrade. The service comes for only $12 and even necessary changes are made to the search engine traffic redirection as well.


In most cases the self-hosted blogs are far better than the free WordPress blogs. However, the necessity and willingness to spend time, energy and money counts as well! If you find the mentioned points meaningful and want to take the leap then hesitate no further.